Friday, September 3, 2010

COD Black Ops Multiplayer

I really don't find COD games to require much skill to be good at, and from what I've played It only takes one shot to kill an enemy which isn't really the case in real life. I digress though, I'm here to talk about the new multi-player game modes in COD Black Ops.

You can earn currency to buy weapons and other war goods and in a new game type "Wager Match", which is a 4 person FFA, and you can wager that currency against the other players. The catch is you have to be in the top 3, if you aren't then you go bankrupt and have to join a new match and come in the top three to earn back your lost earnings.

There are different types of 'Wager Matches" and the first one is called "One In The Chamber". In this game type, each player starts with one pistol, one bullet and three lives. The object of this game is to kill your opponent and be the last one standing, but how can you kill 3 people 3 times each with just one bullet? Well in this game, every time you kill a player you gain a bullet. So, for example, if you shoot and miss your only option is to go in for a melee kill to earn your precious bullet. An interesting game type that will definitely add some super stealth to the online.

The second "Wager Match" is called "Sticks and Stones". In this game type players will have a crossbow, ballistics knife and a tomahawk at their disposal to defeat the other players. The cool feature of this game is that if you manage to kill someone with a tomahawk then you automatically bankrupt that player and they lose all of their currency. Definitely something to keep looking over your shoulder for. I forsee a large ammount of rage-quitters for this type of match.

The third type is called "Gun Game". This game type is meant to prove how proficient you are with the many weapons available in COD Black Ops. Everyone starts off with a pistol and with every kill you move up to the next powerful weapon. The first player to get through all the weapons wins the game, this seems like an easy feat but the catch is that if you get knifed by another player then you get sent back one weapon. Another reason to watch your back, but not as unforgiving as becoming totally bankrupt because of a tomahawk.

The final game type is called "Sharp Shooter". This is by far the most interesting game type I've seen so far. Each player starts off with the same randomly selected weapon and fight each other with it. Sounds easy enough, and kind of bland right? Well here's the kicker, that gun is only usable for a certain amount of time and then EVERYBODY's weapon is switched for another one and the cycle continues until the game ends. This seems like the most challenging game type as if you get a weapon change at the wrong time then you're finished. In this game type players will also earn perks for each kill and a scoring multiplier.

I really didn't have much hope for this game, but these game types sound like something I look forward to in a video game, a challenge. I'll have to see more online footage before I make a concrete decision on if I'll buy this game but so far it went from mediocre to fairly good in my mind.

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